Commercial Lending

Lanyard Financial Corporation provides cost effective first and from time to time, second mortgage financing on an assortment of commercial real estate asset classes. Our commercial lending program serves both primary and secondary Canadian urban markets. Each individual loan application is carefully analyzed by our lending professionals and loan particulars are customized to meet borrower requirements. We are actively expanding our mortgage portfolio with loans meeting the following criteria:

Loan Amounts: $1,000,000 to $75,000,000

Assets: Real Property including anchored and unanchored retail, office, multi-family, bare land and industrial properties.

Loan to Value: Primary and Secondary Canadian urban markets.

Interest Rates: Starting at 5.85% on first mortgages; facilities are generally interest only due to the short term nature of the financing.

Term: Typically 12 month loan terms with borrower option for an additional 12 month extension term (can offer extended terms for properties with adequate cash flow).

Recourse: Non-recourse loans available.

Mortgage TypeLoan to Value (up to)Loan Value RangeInterest Rates starting at:
Apartment75%$1 million - $75 million 5.85%
Residential Condo Inventory65%$1 million - $65 million6.15%
Retail65%$1 million - $75 million6.00%
Office65%$1 million - $75 million6.00%
Industrial65%$1 million - $75 million6.00%
Land (Urban Infill)65%$1 million - $75 million6.00%

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