Residential Lending

Lanyard Financial Corporation’s jumbo residential lending programme provides first mortgage financing on luxury single family homes and condominiums located in Western Canada and the GTA. Lanyard’s residential programme provides mortgage solutions for clients with large mortgage needs and who currently sit outside of traditional bank lending guidelines.

Lending Criteria:

Loan Amounts: $500,000 to $5,000,000.

Assets: Luxury single family homes and condominiums.

Loan to Value: Up to 65%.

Interest Rates: Starting at 6.5%.

Term: Typically 12 month term with an option to extend for an additional 12 months.

Market: British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

So, what do we do different?

Loan to ValueTypical Interest Rate Range
25% - 40% 6.50%-7.00%
40% - 50%6.90%-7.75%
50% - 65%7.00%-8.25%
  • No minimum beacon as we are an equity driven lender.
  • No GDS/TDS requirements.
  • Acquisition financing and refinancing available.
  • Flexible repayment privileges.
  • Non-resident.
  • Interest reserves available.
  • Non-recourse loans available.

For more information please contact Christine Perkins at